No, Boris. Part 1.

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of this true story

Except for Boris

That’s not even his real name

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The Continuing Adventures of Judge Sidon

The Continuing Adventures of Judge Sidon

I freely admit that I know nothing about courts

Also, I was going to have the guy beat up the woman, but it was only kind of offensive this way rather than mostly offensive

Double standards are fun!

Also if you’re offended, please play mario kart with a significant other for a protracted period of time

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The price is wrong, Bitch

The price is wrong, Bitch

Never underestimate the pull of an exciting pricing game

Especially when the objects are mundane

Because that moron should know

Why is he even there if he doesn’t know the price of carrots

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Don’t forget your towel

Some encouragement to the new first years

Remember that what you become is a result of what you do

The friendships you forge will serve you for a lifetime

And the spicy chicken wraps at V1 will destroy your colon

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I struggle sometimes

To understand the immigration laws of our neighbour

This has happened

Just like this

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Ya Hippie

I spent the summer on the beach

Partly to relieve my depression

Partly because I’m a lazy sack of shit

Make up your own mind

As no one can

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This is not about McDonalds

This is not about McDonalds

You would try it

You can’t help yourself

You’re drawn to awful crap like this

You subsist off of it

It’s not your fault

Cause baby you were born this way

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Almost never

Recently, I have tried to make a rocket that can go to the in-game version of Mars

I see now why people spend their lives on these things

It’s hard

It’s gobstopper hard

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Do not tempt me Satan

Do not tempt me Satan

Sometimes sand can be irritating

Sometimes life can be irritating

Sometimes I kick sand with my feet

Sometimes I kick life with my emotions

Sand is better

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Don’t try this at home. It wouldn’t have much point

Don’t try this at home. It wouldn’t have much point

This is something that will not exist forever

Eventually even Vietnamese police will become fed up with unruly tourists on motorbikes

Until then, travel there and flaunt their laws

It’s hilarious

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