53 - The Fall

53 – The Fall

Nothing could be done to prevent it. Face your fate, it is all that will come.

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Holmes always makes it right, no matter what!

Holmes always makes it right, no matter what!

He always does it! Even though the fixing cost thrice the salary of the average person, but by golly he gets it done.

Actually I’ve always wondered how he produces so many shows. He often says “We’re gonna be here for months”.

and they are,

but I never seem to see any reruns

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Don’t mess with Judge Sidon

Don’t mess with Judge Sidon

Listen, you’re gonna lose that fight.

9 times out of 10.

Like a lion against a tuna.

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The trials of the youths

The trials of the youths

The entirety of my paternal instinct consists of daydreaming about sitting my daughter/son/non-cis whatever/penguin down and saying “[Identifyer], let me tell you a story” or teaching them some kind of skill and them not being a total shit about the whole thing.

I don’t really want kids, I just want to lord over someone impressionable. Maybe I should open an orphanage or a 24 hour news channel…

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The court is out of order, and only one Judge can fix it

The court is out of order, and only one Judge can fix it

I bought a drawing tablet. Here’s how it went:

“Man this is gonna be great I’m gonna draw everything so cool on my computer and its gonna look stupid cool and I’m gonna be famous and stuff”

“Wait – no.. do the.. thing dammit”

“I understand immediately why people go to school for graphic arts now”

Needless to say, you’ll be seeing my horrid hand drawings for some time to come.

In other news, I’m…

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Another Happy Cat Story!

Another Happy Cat Story!

This is Spaz. I liked Spaz a lot!

I hope you like this story that happened some time ago.

Until next time!

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They always know

I had an interview today for a job I really want.

I wanted to post a comic about it, but I already have this week’s comics lined up.

Then I remembered that this is my world and I make the rules here.

And I feel saucy. Ohhh so saucy.

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Wishes (sometimes) come true!

Wishes (sometimes) come true!

I’m sure there’s a lot of unemployed people going through hell trying to get a job to support their family or pay debts or something

But I’m a spoiled kid with no real obligations or unmet needs

So this means something to me at least

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Do you have a minute to spare for the Occupational Health and Safety Act?

Do you have a minute to spare for the Occupational Health and Safety Act?

I’ve done this. Try it sometime! Walk up to an active job site and try to tell them that their jobsite is not safe.

Usually it goes something like this:

Contactor: “Who the hell are you”

Me: “Uh just a concerned guy who’s had some training”

Contractor: “So you’re not an inspector?”

Me: “No?”

Contractor: “Then piss off, we’re working here”

Hey, the rules say you have to try, not make a difference…

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Happy Cat Stories #1

Happy Cat Stories #1

This is a happy cat story

I have many more!

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